Creating cycle-friendly roads. Success factors = Rendre sa voirie cyclable. Les clés de la réussite


Cerema. Centre d'études et d'expertise sur les risques, l'environnement, la mobilité et l'aménagement (Administration). Auteur

Edité par Cerema. Bron - 2023

Ce document est la traduction anglaise du cahier : Rendre sa voirie cyclable. Les clés de la réussite Cycling is an efficient transport solution with proven individual and collective benefits. Many European countries have made this form of mobility a central feature of their urban development strategies. The key to achieving a massive uplift in cycling is to encourage a mode shift away from car transport, by facilitating safe cycling while also restricting car use. To reach this goal, cyclists must be provided with a welcoming, inclusive public space, by simultaneously pursuing: efforts to build efficient cycling infrastructures, reclaiming space from cars; the general trend for traffic calming measures; limitations on motorised through-traffic in residential neighbourhoods; development of comfortable pedestrian areas to ward off potential conflicts. Radically transforming the road network to make it more appealing to exis¬ting and future cyclists ranks among the major challenges facing municipal authorities in the coming years. The eight key recommendations for a successful cycle transport development policy described in this Cerema notebook are intended for all (primarily urban) development professionals and decision-makers

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